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July 6, 2017
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September 5, 2017
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To Our Valued Customers

Firstly, and most importantly, our thoughts and prayers are with the many families in the gulf coast who have been affected by the hurricane. We remain hopeful that the rain will subside and that the many areas devastated by flooding can begin to receive much needed relief. Until that time, our hearts are with all those who are struggling. Godspeed to each of them.

The petrochemical industry in the gulf is also in distress. Many major suppliers of plastic resin have already declared Force Majeure, which invokes acts of God as a means of terminating existing contracts for resin supply. As a result, we’ve been notified that the resin industry will be dealing with shortages in the months to come as many buyers have already been put on allocation based on their buying habits. Due to these shortages, our costs have increased and unfortunately, we must pass those increases on to our customers without any grace period.

Effective immediately
• Prices on Stego Wrap are up $11/roll
• The usual 24-hour truckload shipment confirmation for Stego is now extended to 72 hours

We expect similar increases on all Stego products and accessories, and further price increases are likely for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, with Stego’s buying history we are in a strong position to weather the upcoming shortage, but only if we act prudently now.

Having learned from Katrina in 2005, we will not honor proactive stocking orders that aren’t filling pending jobs. We aim to work with distribution to prevent missing any work, but we don’t yet know the severity or duration of the shortage and we want to act now to offset the potential for a worst-case scenario.

We will be in touch again as soon as we know more. For now, please be in touch with your Stego contact about what jobs are pending so they can communicate with Stego Logistics and you can be sure to fill your orders.

As always, we appreciate our business, and look forward to doing right by our most valued customers.

Warmest Regards,

Matthew Blasdel
Stego Industries LLC

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